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Cleaning the SprintRay Pro S

Cleaning the SprintRay Pro S


Remove resin tank and build platform

To clean your SprintRay Pro, begin by removing the resin tank and covering it with the provided black plastic cover to prevent unwanted exposure.

Next, remove the build platform. To remove the build platform, turn the red knob to the 'unlock' position, then pull the plate toward you until it slides fully off of the build arm.


Clean the glass surfaces

Use the cleaning cloth provided with SprintRay Pro to clean the glass surfaces, such as the touchscreen and hood. To remove resin cured to the hood, use a small amount of IPA and a soft cloth, allowing the IPA to break down the resin before wiping. To remove fingerprints and smudges, use glass cleaner and the provided soft cloth.


Clean the metal surfaces

Follow a similar process outlined for glass surfaces. Small amounts of IPA and a paper towel should remove cured bits of resin. Smudges and fingerprints should be wiped away using a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

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