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Two Step Denture Luting with Pro Cure 2

Two Step Denture Luting with Pro Cure 2

If you wish to lute a set of Denture teeth to a corresponding Denture base, the Pro Cure 2 makes that an extremely easy to follow, step by step process.


Start by selecting the Appliances list on the Home Screen:


Select Conventional Denture from the list of available appliances:


Select the type of Denture Teeth material you are using:


Then, select the type of Denture Base material you are using as well:


Follow the instructions on the screen for the selected Denture Teeth and Base combination.

Note: if using the same brand resin for both the Teeth and Base, there may only be one curing cycle for the luting process (One Step)

Once both steps of the process are complete, your luted and cured denture set is ready to go!

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