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Updating ProCure

Updating ProCure

ProCure preprogrammed resin profiles are updated on a regular basis to expand its one-touch capability.

Download Update

To update Pro Cure, begin by downloading the update wizard linked below onto your computer:

Link to ProCure Wizard

Prepare ProCure for Update

Once the update wizard has finished downloading, perform the following steps to prepare your ProCure for the update:

  1. Disconnect the ProCure from power.

  2. Switch the power button on the back of the unit to the OFF position.

  3. Connect the ProCure to your computer using the provided USB cable.

  4. Ensure all steps above are completed prior to updating the ProCure.

Install Update

Run the update wizard that you've installed on your computer and follow the prompts to complete the update process. Once you're finished, the ProCure will restart and display the new resin profiles.

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