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Using Predefined Profiles

Using Predefined Profiles

SprintRay Pro Cure comes preloaded with profiles for a variety of popular resins so that proper presets are easy to access. Here's how to use them.


Place your parts inside

Place your parts inside Pro Cure's mirrored curing chamber, leaving a bit of space between each part. Because of the chamber's mirrors and the LED array's high power, no turntable is necessary for complete curing.


Find the correct material

From the main menu, simply scroll down until you find the name of the resin you've printed with. Make sure that the selected resin matches the material you've used for your print. If you use an incorrect curing profile your models may come out brittle, under-cured, or discoloured.


Select the material profile

Once you've found your resin and have verified the material, simply select it using the touchscreen. Once you confirm, Pro Cure will begin heating up. Remember that Pro Cure may have to heat up for a few minutes before the curing process begins in earnest in order to ensure proper temperature control.


Close the chamber door

Pro Cure will not begin curing your parts until the door is fully closed. This is for your safety. Once the door is closed and curing has begun, Pro Cure's touchscreen will display a countdown timer.

Once Pro Cure has finished its procedure, your parts are fully cured and ready for placement or additional steps in accordance with the materials instructions for use and safety data sheets.

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