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Cleaning the Wash Tanks

Cleaning the Wash Tanks

ProWash S will notify you on the touchscreen when you need to clean the IPA tanks.

If you're using Pro Wash/Dry, clean the IPA tanks when the hydrometers float or when parts start coming out tacky, whichever comes first.

If you don't clean the IPA tanks after being prompted, your prints may still be sticky after washing.


Locate the drain hose

The drain hose is clipped to the back of the device. Remove it now.


Connect the hose to an IPA tank

Prepare a container that you'll drain the IPA into. Make sure to keep the drainage and of the hose pointed into the container at all times to avoid spills, even if the hose clip is locked.

When you're ready, close the white hose clamp, then push the metal end of the hose into one of the quick-connect ports.


Open the clamp, then drain

Placing the clamped end of the hose into a container large enough to hold 2 liters (this is the maximum threshold in each reservoir) release the clamp and allow the reservoir to completely drain


Release the hose, repeat

Once the reservoir is drained, pull back the sleeve on the quick-connect port to release the connection and remove the tube.

Repeat this process for the other IPA tank if you'd like.


Remove hydrometers & rods

Remove the cap from the hydrometer rod and unscrew the rod to remove the component entirely


Wipe out the IPA tank

Wipe any residual residue from each tank using shop towels and/or the provided cleaning brush



Re-insert the hydrometers, rods, and caps when done

Fill the IPA chambers back up with IPA 91% or higher.

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