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Drain Port Quick Connect Replacement

Drain Port Quick Connect Replacement

Instructions on how to replace a faulty IPA reservoir quick connect for Chamber 1 or 2. It can be used to replace a drain port on either Pro Wash/Dry or ProWash S.


Step 1: Drain the Affected IPA Chamber

Using the drain hose attached to the back of the Pro Wash/Dry unit, drain any remaining IPA from the chamber with the faulty drain port

Wipe the area under the faulty drain port to clean any drips of IPA that may have leaked during the cleaning process before proceeding. Take this opportunity to clean any debris or sediment that remains in the affected chamber with the brush included with the Pro Wash/Dry, as well as clean paper towels.


Step 2: Prepare the Drain Port

Open the SprintRay labeled box that includes two replacement drain port quick connects and the wrench required to remove and replace

Remove the protective wrapping for the new drain port, being careful not to damage the white Teflon sealing tape on the threads


Step 3: Remove the Faulty Drain Port

Using the 19 mm end of the wrench, place it on the rear hex nut that is flush against the red plastic the Pro Wash/Dry as pictured below

Remove the drain port by gently unscrewing in the counter-clockwise direction

Once loosened with the wrench, you can unscrew the drain port by hand until completely removed from the unit

If any residual thread seal tape is fraying in the threaded opening, use tweezers to remove


Step 4: Install the New Drain Port by Hand

Before installing, check that there is no damage to the white Teflon sealing tape before installing in the Pro Wash/Dry

Gently screw the new drain port in by rotating clockwise until hand tight


Step 5: Tighten Drain Port with Wrench

Once the new drain port cannot be tightened any more by hand, use either the 19mm or the 22mm end of the included wrench on the drain port to tighten completely. If the rear portion of the drain port is difficult to reach with the 19mm end of the wrench, you can use the 22mm end on the larger nut for easier access.

Note: Do not overtighten the drain port, or damage can occur to the IPA chamber

Drain port quick connect should be fully seated once complete


You can now proceed with normal usage of the Pro Wash/Dry.

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