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Unboxing and Setup for Pro Wash/Dry and ProWash S

Unboxing and Setup for Pro Wash/Dry and ProWash S

Congratulations on your new ProWash! You're one step closer to a simpler workflow.


Start by positioning the box upright and cut the seal to open the box lid:


Remove the quick start guides, the foam shell, and the accessory kit:


Gently lift your Pro Wash/Dry from the foam and place in the designated space, and remove the protective film from the screen:


Place your Pro Wash/Dry on a flat, level surface away from extreme temperatures. We recommend placing it next to or near your 3D printer for maximum efficiency.

Remove the accessories from your kit and locate the power cable and adapter:


Using the supplied power cable and adapter, plug in your Pro Wash/Dry into a surge protected outlet or uninterrupted power supply:


Open the chamber lid on the left of your Pro Wash/Dry and remove the foam packaging:


On the right-hand side of your system, you have two reservoirs, each capable of holding up to 2 Liters of 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol. These reservoirs are the ONLY place in which you should pour liquid.

Open the reservoir lids, remove the rubber caps, remove the foam packaging, and replace the rubber caps:


In order to conduct a cycle using your build platform, you must first adhere the magnetic strip to the left or right of the build platform for Pro 95, and the magnet must be placed on the right-hand side for the Pro 55. Make sure that the build platform is clean and dry before adhering the magnetic strip.

This allows your Pro Wash/Dry to detect when the build platform is in the Wash/Dry chamber:


Fill the reservoirs on the right-hand side of the system with 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol.

NEVER pour alcohol into the Wash/Dry chamber, as over-flowing of the system or damage to the propeller motor can occur.

The Pro Wash/Dry is now ready to wash and dry models.

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