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How to submit a treatment for design

How to submit a treatment for design

Follow the guide below to learn how to submit a treatment:


Sign in to SprintRay

Use your SprintRay credentials to sign in to


Add or select a patient

Go to the ‘Cloud Design’ tab and add a new patient. If you already have a patient entered for this treatment, you can select them.


Select treatment

Select the treatment type you’d like to order for this patient.

For this example, we’ll choose AI Occlusal Guard.


Provide details

Depending on which treatment type you select, you will be asked a series of questions about the treatment. Fill out all the required fields, then press the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right corner.


Define print settings

Select which printer and resin you’ll use for this print job. This allows our design platform to send the print directly to your printer when it’s ready.


Upload patient data

Upload the required files for this treatment. Most treatments require at least intraoral scans, but the requirements vary depending on the exact case type.

If you don’t have all the files ready now, you can always save and close by using the button in the upper right corner.


Review and submit

You can review the treatment and payment details before you finish. When you’re ready, submit for the treatment!


Receive treatment

Depending on which treatment you chose, you’ll receive an email and a message on the Cloud Design platform when the printable design files are ready.

Review and approve to receive printable files.

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