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Medit scanner integration setup

Medit scanner integration setup


Sign in to MEDIT Link

Check that you have installed the most recent version of MEDIT Link software. If you are using an older version of MEDIT Link, the integration will not work properly.


Open the 'App Box' in MEDIT Link

Click the 'App Box' button on the navigation rail


Install the SprintRay Cloud Integration

Search for "SprintRay" in the App Box using the Search bar at the upper right hand side

Select the SprintRay RayWare Cloud Integration and click 'Install'


Link MEDIT Link to your SprintRay account

Now that the integration has been installed, you'll need to submit a case to complete the final sign in steps.

Go to your Case Box in MEDIT Link and select a case that has finished processing.

If you've installed the integration, you'll see the SprintRay Cloud icon in the upper right corner. Click it.


Confirm account linkage

Your web browser will open and you'll be presented with two boxes, each containing a code. Make sure the code in both boxes is the same, then confirm.

The MEDIT Link app will reopen and ask you to confirm the account integration. Click the green check.

Once you see the confirmation screen, the integration is complete!

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