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Modifying Model Angulation and Supports

Modifying Model Angulation and Supports

Modifying Angulation

Although RayWare Cloud has automated the nesting process you can still manipulate the angle, orientation and supports should you need.

After importing, click on a model to select it, or check the box for the .STL file on the model list on the right hand side:

Once your file is selected in RayWare Cloud a Gimbal will appear. Left click and hold on the hoop while moving your cursor in the direction you wish to move the model. Select Confirm Changes to apply the change:

The angle measurement reflected in degrees is reflective of how much it is being moved from the models starting point.

If you wish to achieve a particular angle you can orient your model parallel to the platform and rotate from that point.

Modifying Supports

If the model does not already have supports, select a model, then open the Supports menu, and enable them

Once you have selected a Support type, RayWare Cloud will automatically generate new supports for the selected model with the recommended strength and density.

To modify supports, select a supported model, then choose Add/Remove Individual Supports from the dropdown menu. Place supports by left clicking on the model surface, and remove supports by clicking on the small blue dots that indicate where

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