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RayWare Cloud basics

RayWare Cloud basics

RayWare Cloud is a powerful, free 3D printing nesting software that incorporates AI automation to simplify the printing process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics from importing your files to sending a print job.

To get started, visit the SprintRay Cloud Dashboard and sign in or sign up for a free SprintRay account.


Select Your Appliance Type, Printer, and Material

Locate the siderail. This this is where you will select print settings, upload your files, and control the parameters of your print job.

Don’t worry, most of these settings are automatically selected for optimal printing conditions.

Select the type of appliance you’ll be printing, then select the material you’ll use for this job.

Choose your printer model, and then the material you will be using for the print job.

When you’re ready, click the red button to continue.


Upload Files from Your Computer

Drag and drop files into the highlighted area or click ‘BROWSE’ to locate files on your computer.

Your file or files will appear and a progress bar on the siderail will notify you of its progress. You can continue to add files on this screen, or press the red button to continue.


Use the Camera Controls to Check Your Layout

You can now view your files on a virtual build platform. Click and drag with the right mouse button to rotate the virtual platform. You can also use the camera control buttons next to the siderail. RayWare Cloud automatically orients your parts and adds support structures, so you shouldn’t need to take any actions during this step


Send to Your Printer

Click ‘Sent to Printer’ to view the final print preview screen.

Here, you can see how much resin and time the print job will need, along with the printers that are registered to your SprintRay account.

Select the printer you’ll use to for this job. You have two options for sending the print job to your printer. ‘Send to Queue’ will make this job appear in the Queue tab on the printer’s touchscreen, where you can begin the print job.

‘Print Now’ will start the print job immediately. We do not recommend this option for most print jobs because the printer should be physically checked before each print job to avoid damage.

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