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Understanding Rayware automations

Understanding Rayware automations

RayWare uses automated algorighms to set up, check, and adjust your models for printing. These are automatically adjusted and optimized depending on which appliance profile type you select, so you ordinarily do not need to worry about them.

Read on to learn what each of them does.

Auto Layout

Auotmatically place your models on the build platforms to optimize the number of total models with respect to overall print quality.

This feature is recommended for most print jobs.

Auto Orient

Automatically angulate your models on the platform for optimal print quality and speed. Depending on the appliance type you select, the exact orientation relative to the buld platform may change.

This feature is recommended for most print jobs.

Auto Support

Automatically add support structures to print jobs that need them. When used in combinatino with Auto Orient and Auto Layout, this feature allows full handsfree print setup.

Recommended for almost all print jobs, except when printing models with a perfectly flat base.

Auto Mesh Repair

Check each model for watertightness and issues relating to the 3D model. If small issues are detected, RayWare Cloud can automatically fill and fix them to make the files printable.

Recommended for most print jobs.

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