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What is the difference between RayWare Cloud and Desktop?

What is the difference between RayWare Cloud and Desktop?

RayWare Cloud is a cutting-edge, browser-based software for creating print jobs with maximum speed and automation. Because it is cloud-based, it is always up to date and features the latest in AI capabilities to speed up your workflow. It is also designed around ease of use so that anyone in your clinic can print with very little training.

RayWare Cloud is recommended for all users and can be accessed for free on any computer with an internet connection. Sign in at

RayWare Desktop is our legacy printing software. For users who do not have a reliable internet connection, use MoonRay printers, or have specific use-cases, RayWare Desktop is still made available. It does not feature automation and requires a more hands-on, technical approach to 3D printing. Rayware Desktop is still supported, but does not receive updates.

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