Ceramic Crown Design Guidelines


You can produce aesthetic, long-lasting definitive crowns with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem and revolutionary SprintRay Ceramic Crown resin. For a simple workflow, we recommend using SprintRay Cloud Design to quickly upload your files and receive designs back in as little as a few minutes.

For those who want to design themselves, a few key settings must be adjusted.


The settings used for 3D printed crowns are different from milling. If you export your design with settings meant for a mill, you will likely experience fitment issues.

For best results, follow these parameters when designing and exporting a crown from your design software:

3Shape Settings




 A  Minimum thickness  0.5 mm
 B  Extra cement gap  0.12 mm
 C  Cement gap  0.04 mm 
 D  Distance to margin line  0.8 mm
 E  Smooth distance  0.2 mm
 F  Drill radius  0.65 mm
 G  Drill compensation offset  0.66 mm
 H  Margin line offset  0.08 mm
 I  Extension offset  0.1 mm
 J  Offset angle  55 degrees


Exocad Settings



 Minimum thickness  0.5 mm
 Cement gap  0.12 mm
 Additional spacer  0.02 mm
 Margin ramp (angulation)  45 degrees
 Margin distance (overhang from margin)  0.2 mm
 Smoothing distance  Default
 Check ‘Anticipate Milling’ and set the diameter

 Pro95 S: 0.2 mm

 Pro55 S: 0.11 mm

 Proximal offset  -0.02 mm


inLab Settings



 Radial spacer  140 µm
 Occlusal spacer  140 µm
 Proximal contacts strength  25 µm
 Occlusal contacts strength  -150 µm
 Dynamic Contact Strength  -150 µm
 Minimal radial thickness  1000 µm
 Minimal occlusal thickness  1000 µm
 Margin thickness  120 µm
 Width of ramp  80 µm
 Angle of ramp  60 degrees


Download a copy of these SprintRay Crown Design Guidelines here

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