Integration Setup - 3Shape Produce

3Shape Produce is a component within 3Shape Unite that allows you to send files directly from your 3Shape environment to RayWare Cloud for 3D printing. Below, you'll find instructions for downloading and setting up this integration.


Step 1: Update Software and License

Update 3Shape Unite (Version 23.1 or higher)

Check that you’re using the latest version of 3Shape Unite. Visit the 3Shape Unite webpage to learn more. If you need assistance updating, please contact 3Shape customer support.


Request access to the ‘Produce’ module

3Shape Produce is a module within 3Shape Unite that enables direct integration with SprintRay and other digital manufacturing equipment. 

To access Produce, you must request access directly through your dealer on your behalf or from 3Shape. Contact your dealer representative or 3Shape services for more information.

Visit the 3Shape Produce webpage for more information.


Step 2: Install the SprintRay Produce Server

Download SprintRay Produce

The SprintRay Produce server acts as the bridge between SprintRay and 3Shape Produce. You’ll need to download and install the Produce server on each computer you’d like to integrate with SprintRay.

Download SprintRay Produce

Note: Available for Windows only


Install the SprintRay Produce server

Run the installer for SprintRay Produce. It should be in your downloads folder. Follow the installation prompts using the default settings.

When prompted, check the box ‘Automatically start SprintRay-3Shape Product Service.’ 

Follow the prompts to activate SprintRay Produce under your SprintRay account. Restart your computer.


Use 3Shape + SprintRay Produce

Ensure the SprintRay Produce server runs in the icon drawer when your computer restarts. 

Make sure to leave the software open - if you close it, the integration will stop working until you reopen it.

Note: Not all design modules from 3Shape Produce are compatible with SprintRay. Check each module for compatibility.

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