Cleaning the Pro Wash/Dry IPA Chambers


When the hydrometers float, it indicates that the IPA is saturated with resin. Conducting Wash/Dry cycles with saturated resin will not provide you with a clean result, leaving your models sticky.


As such, we will drain the saturated resin. To begin, remove the provided hose from the back of your Pro Wash/Dry



Clamp the white clip at the end of the hose and attach the metal end to reservoir 2's quick connect port located on the front of your Pro Wash/Dry




Placing the clamped end of the hose into a container large enough to hold 2 Liters (this is the maximum threshold in each reservoir) release the clamp and allow the reservoir to completely drain




Once the reservoir is drained, pull back the sleeve on the quick connect port to release the connection and remove the tube




Remove the cap from the hydrometer rod and unscrew the rod to remove the component entirely




Next, you will wipe any residual residue from each reservoir using shop towels and/or the provided cleaning brush




Re-insert the hydrometers, rods, and caps when done


The IPA in reservoir 2 is typically less saturated than reservoir 1 being that it is used for the second wash cycle. To extend the use of your IPA we recommend transferring the IPA in reservoir 2 to reservoir 1


To do so, select the Wrench Icon followed by Transfer Liquid









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