DEXIS IS ScanFlow Integration for Cloud Drive

SprintRay Cloud Services is now directly integrated with the DEXIS IS Connect and ScanFlow software, allowing you to easily send your scan data directly to SprintRay Cloud Design for any treatment.


Pairing your DEXIS IS Connect Account with SprintRay Cloud Services

1. Sign in to your DEXIS IS Account

2. Open the Quick Connect option, and go to the Partners tab at the top


3. In the Partners tab, select SprintRay and turn the option toggle to ON


4. The Login screen for SprintRay Cloud Services will then automatically pop up, where you can input your credentials for email and password.


5. Both your DEXIS IS and SprintRay Cloud Services account is now paired!


Sending a Case from IS ScanFlow

1. After scanning a patient in the ScanFlow software, choose the Export option, choose SprintRay, and click Send


2. ScanFlow will then save the scan data. This process may take a few moments


3. Choose the type of Treatment you would like to begin for this case


4. The scan data and the associated files will then be transferred via Cloud Drive to SprintRay Cloud Design, and a new Draft Treatment will be automatically created for you. You can then continue the normal submission process using your paired SprintRay Cloud Services account.


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