Connecting a Printer to Design Services and RayWare Cloud

Connecting a printer to our Cloud Design Services will allow the ability to use the Print Direct function, which will allow you to send print jobs directly from an individual treatment, or from print jobs created with RayWare Cloud. You can also track material usage and current print job status using the Dashboard section as well.


Note: for RayWare Cloud, it is not necessary for the printer and the PC to be connected to the same local network, but it is required that the printer and PC do have an internet connection with access to the SprintRay Cloud Servers 


Logging in via the Printer Touchscreen:

Pro S Printers:

To log in, you will need to go to the User tab on the lower left hand side of the printer touchscreen:


  • New Users without a Dashboard Account: Use the Sign Up button
  • Existing Users with a Dashboard Account: Use the Sign In button


After making your selection, the touchscreen will show a QR code, as well as an Activation Code that will need to be entered on your mobile device once scanned


Once you have scanned the QR Code on your mobile device, you will be taken to an online portal to input the unique code displayed on the printer's touchscreen


Once you have input the unique code, you will be prompted to confirm it is the same as displayed on the printer's touchscreen


Once you have confirmed the code, you will be taken to the online SprintRay Dashboard Login portal, where you can enter your email and password associated with your account


After inputting your Dashboard login, the printer will automatically authenticate and log in for you. Your mobile device should show confirmation that the login was successful


The printer's touchscreen will also show that it is connecting during this process


Once logged in, the touchscreen will show a green pop up window indicating success



Pro Printers:

Navigate to the printer's Settings Tab at the top, then click on the SprintRay Dashboard Login section:


Once you have input the correct email address and password, the printer touchscreen will show the account on the Print menu:



Viewing Printer Status with Dashboard

The RayWare Cloud Services also includes the original printer Dashboard, which will allow you to see all of your printers and their current print status at a glance:




Trouble Connecting your Printer?

Here is a link to a related article on common connection issues:

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