Cleaning the Optical Path of the SprintRay Pro S



The optical path is the path your projector light travels through, starting at the projector bulb, and ending at the aluminum build platform. In order for light to cure resin onto the build platform, it is essential to make sure all of the surfaces it passes through are completely clean and clear. Any smudges, smears, dust, and/or fingerprints will distort the optical path and can result in print failures. 


What you'll need:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol 91% or greater.
  • Windex
  • Soft paper towels
  • Microfiber cloth

Once the light bounces off the mirror, it travels up through the glass on the printer. This is the most important surface on the SprintRay Pro S to keep clean, as any smudge, fingerprint, or smear can cause the light to refract as it passes through. 


1. Wipe down the glass with Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft paper towel. Make sure you get all of the corners, and clean as thoroughly as possible.


2. Once the alcohol has dried or been wiped up, follow with Windex and a microfiber cloth. Windex will remove any streaks left behind by alcohol.


3. Filter out the resin, and clean out your tank. You can find more detailed instructions here: Cleaning of SprintRay Pro Resin Tank.


4. Flip your tank over, and wipe down the bottom surface with Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft paper towel. Make sure you get all of the corners, and clean as thoroughly as possible.


5. Same as before, follow up with Windex and a microfiber cloth once the alcohol has dried.

Verifying the Optical Path's Condition

If cleaning the optical path is a step in an ongoing case with a SprintRay support agent, please attach photos of both sides of the tank, and the optical window (glass) on the printer. Make sure to turn on flash, and take the pictures at an angle! Here are some good example photos:


To check your optical window for any kind of defects, hold a light as shown in the below images. The low angle will illuminate any possible defects to be cleaned.


The glass can appear perfectly clean in normal overhead lighting conditions - even when it is not!


Confirm the cleanliness of your optical window by holding the light at this angle from all four sides. Here's a video on how to properly verify your optical window's condition:


When you respond to your SprintRay support agent, please make sure to include photos or video like shown in the above guide.


How to capture the right angle of light:


The resulting photo:


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