How to Approve a Case

Once your design service is complete, you will receive a notification via email and on the Patients tab in your SprintRay Account.


From the Treatments or Patients page of your SprintRay account, select the patient file you wish to review:



Upon opening the case, you can perform a 3D preview of the design. Please note, you cannot download the design file until it is approved:




After previewing the design, select Approve Treatment:



You will then be met with a survey where, if completed, your feedback will surely help us improve. Should you wish to bypass the survey, simply scroll back up to your design: 



You can now access the file to download and/or print your design. Designs are prepared as individual STL files. A pre-supported SPR file is included for some treatment types - the SPR file is ready to print and it can be downloaded and prepared traditionally using RayWare Desktop.

If your printer is connected to your SprintRay account and an internet network, you also have the option for Direct Print (sending the job immediately to the printer's Print Queue) and Add to Print Job (sending the job to RayWare Cloud for print setup).






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