Preparing Occlusal Guards for Print in RayWare Cloud

RayWare Cloud takes the effort out of preparing your files for print, by automatically nesting them in the most optimal position for printing.


If using SprintRay Cloud Design Services, you can send your prepared print job directly from the Treatment page by using the Direct Print  feature.

If importing an STL file you have downloaded or designed in house, start by selecting the Occlusal Guard print job type. Then select your Printer type, ‘No’ for Auto Mesh Repair, Material type, and the Layer Thickness.


Once you have verified your selections, click on Upload Files at the bottom of the window, and you can drag and drop your STL files directly onto the platform, or click Browse to locate them in your file viewer. 


RayWare cloud will then analyze your file and place it in its optimal position with
balanced supports.



To start the Print Job, select Send to Printer


Finally, select the compatible printer from the pop up window. RayWare Cloud will only show compatible printers that are connected to the same Customer Portal account.


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